Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Payton built this, He has a horse coral, a barn, and parking for his car and four wheeler. I love the days he builds and uses his imagination. I will miss these days...

Brooklyn Noel..

Brooklyn, she is my little handful. She loves to tease Payton and Bailey. She keeps telling me it is fun. She is smart, beautiful, and independent.
Brooklyn has some natural talents. I can't beleive
some of the things she does. She must have a lot of her PaPa in her! I love you, Brooklyn.

Payton Willis

Payton, he is going to miss the lazy days of summer. He love his bike, cars, blocks, and most of all horses. He has big dreams of being a cowboy. He wears these black boots, Brooklyn is embarassed by them. He is on the look out for the BIG belt buckle. He is my sweethearth. He has a BIG heart, prob. as big as the belt buckle he wants.Lol. I love you, Payton.

Bailey Marie

Gee, this little girl drives me insane. She is far the most stubborn, but I love her. She is beautiful, smart, and loves her momma. My kids were fighting and I told them that I am just going to pack up and leave. Bailey said " You can't Mom, cuz I LOVE YOU. My heart melted. I love you, Bailey Marie.